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Blue Angels at Stewart Airport

July 05, 2017
The Blue Angels performed at the New York Air Show on a very hot day at a very crowded Stewart Airport last Sunday, July 2. A good time was had by all who did not succumb...
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American Airlines Nightmare: Fun With Flight -- A Night At Gate 35X

April 13, 2017
If everything had gone perfectly, my flight from Corpus Christi Texas to White Plains New York on Tuesday February 7 th would have been grueling. Corpus Christi to Dallas...
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My Exhibit Reception -- April 9th

April 01, 2017
Hung my photo exhibit on Thursday. 41 images. Birds, horses, and misty landscapes, photographed from New York to Texas to Wyoming and Montana to Virginia and Maryland to...
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Photographing Whooping Cranes in Coastal Texas

February 20, 2017
In 1941, only 16 Whooping Cranes remained in the world. Through massive conservation efforts, their numbers have risen to about 600 today. But their survival remains prec...
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Photographing the Magical Waterfalls and Gorges Around Ithica NY

October 30, 2016
Took off on an all-waterfall photo trip last week. Fall colors and fallen leaves, along with cloudy skies, made it a perfect time to explore the magical gorges carved out...
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