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The majestic whooping crane is the largest bird in North America, standing five feet tall. Unfortunately, whooping cranes remain on the edge of extinction. There are only about 600 of them left in the world. Well over half of those spend their winters in coastal Texas along the intra-coastal waterway north of Corpus Christi, where they feast on crabs. The photographs in this gallery were all taken in Texas in the salt-water marshes in and around the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and on land in the Rockport/Fulton/Lamar area.
Sunrise On The Intra-Coastal Waterway, Aransas Bay TexasWhooping Crane PairWhooping Crane in FlightWhooping CraneWhooping Crane Catching A CrabJuvenile Whooping CraneWhooping Crane in the MistWhooping Crane Eating BerryWhooping Crane With BerryWhooping Crane FamilyWhooping Crane With CrabWhooping Crane With CrabWhooping Crane With CrabWhooping CraneWhooping Cranes In FlightWhooping CraneJuvenile Whooping CraneWhooping CraneWhooping CraneWhoopling Crane in Flight

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